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5 things to make your voice stand out as a voiceover artist

1. Training – You may think you know and understand your voice as a voiceover talent, but training will help you and also point you in the right direction as a VO talent. Look out for our upcoming online and offline courses coming soon.

2. Practice Consistently: It is one thing to be trained and know what to do, and it is entirely a different thing to do it. Practising helps you make mistakes and correct yourself as you get better as a VO. Consistent Practicing is good for you and should be taken seriously.

3. Investing in your VO career: For you to move from a newbie VO Talent or just a VO Talent to a professional VO talent, you must invest in your VO career. Investing in conferences like www.thevoiceoverconference, webinars, gears, and more will help you know the value of your voiceover business and allow you to take things a bit more seriously.

4. Showcasing your voice: In a tech age, it is imperative for voiceover talents to create content that will showcase what they can do with their voice in other to be relevant, advertise to potential clients and get new jobs. Learning content creation, management, and marketing is a good skill to learn in order to showcase your voiceover to a global or larger audience. Take advantage of Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Whatsapp Status and more to showcase, promote and sell your voice.

5. Be intentional about everything. As a VO Talent, you can not take anything for granted. One of your jobs is to create an impression, and there’s a saying “First Impression Matters.” So every opportunity is a potential business opportunity, so don’t joke with it. Be intentional about how you speak, and how much work you put into creating and interpreting that character, what you say and how you say it, learning and attending voiceover events, networking with the right people or people in the industry and so much more. In all you do, be intentional.

To know more about voiceover, ensure to enrol for one of our self-paced courses, online or in-person sessions to help you kickstart that journey.
Keep learning, keep growing and remember, talk is cheap but your voice can be expensive!



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